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Judy Maciejowska

I'm asking you to re-elect me as the Green Party Elections Coordinator in the upcoming executive (GPEx) ballot.

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An experienced Elections Coordinator with a Strong track record.

It’s possible that we will see a general election within a year, maybe within a few months. Whilst the Tories and Labour Party are in turmoil following the referendum, the Green Party offers a positive solution in these turbulent times. Whatever happens to the leadership of those parties we need a strong and experienced team on GPEx to lead us through this uncertain period.

"Judy has valuable experience and a cool head and we need both in this challenging time for the Green Party to take full advantage of this shifting political environment. I'm happy to offer her my full support as Elections Coordinator."

- Jean Lambert, MEP
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Building targeted & successful campaigns


Joined the Green Party


Managed Euro election campaign gaining 15% of the vote


Became Party Co-Chair & oversaw Green 2000 campaign


Campaign Manager for GLA election: 3 Assembly Members elected


Elections Coordinator for General Election: gained 1st Green MP


Co-managed SW Greens Euro election campaign: 1st SW Green MEP elected


Elections Coordinator for General Election: Gained over 1million votes


I ask for your vote to serve again, to steer our elections through this critical time for the party and the country

We must Increase our electoral Success in Order to see the changes to society that we all crave

It’s vital that we increase our representation on local and regional authorities; this is where we begin to make a difference to communities, and where we will construct a political consensus for our vision of a sustainable, peaceful and socially just society. With this in mind, I am working with the Chief Executive to inject some meaningful support into regions and local parties that will enable them to build effective and successful local campaigns.